"This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing" ~ Maya Angelou


HOSTEL: The most popular hostel in Granada is OASIS. I think a private room is $20/night. There’s free tea, a kitchen, a pool, hammocks, books, tvs..travelers have passed through and painted wonderful murals on the walls. Oasis is also a few blocks off of the main street.

Private rooms $20/night

Jeff eating a white pineapple at Hotel Oasis














FOOD:  The food in Granda is really good. There is a main restaurant street a few blocks from Central Park. It has street performers at night and get ready for trinket sellers to approach your tables. Just practice, “No Gracias!” Nectar is my favorite place. For dessert every night in Granda, I went to Hotel Dario’s cafe called Chocolate. Try their chocolate cake. It’ll change your life. For Breakfast, go to Kathy’s Waffles American cafe..I know..you’re in Nicaragua..but this place is soooo good. And inside the place is a nice green parrot to greet.
For a special occasion, go to Encuentros. My friend Erik owns it. Tell him Hay-Lee said hi. I had a 4 course meal at Encuentros for Christmas 2011 and it was amazing. The price? $30. And it’s so beautiful there. In the back it becomes a nightclub/pool party. And the front bar has amazing cocktails. Erik is all class. You’ll probably see him around town. Tall, blonde, blue eyed Dutch and he’ll probably be smiling. Great guy, great establishment.

best chocolate cake in the world

try the chicken onion crepe

Kathy’s restaurant

Encuentros pool party



FRUIT MARKET:   Down the main street is a huge fresh market. They sell anything and everything; from bras to toothpaste to rice to fish..I’d recommend staying away from the red meat. As you’ll see walking throught the market..they place the fly swatters on the meat. :-/   You can see the market in full detail if you click TRAVEL->NICARAGUA tabs at top of the page..


walking back to Oasis from the market. I bought this outfit in the market















TOURS: Jeff, Cam, and I met George. He took us to Monkey Island for $15 each. Lucy, a spider monkey climbed into our boat and ate bananas. Also, based out of Hotel OASIS is a $7 day trip to Lake Apoyo via a shuttle that leaves at 9am and returns at 4pm to the hostel. Kayaking is included.

Jeff, Cam, and me going to Monkey Island

Lucy and me on Monkey Island

Lake Apoyo

The group! Lake Apoyo day trip Dec 2011



AROUND TOWN-  The central park has trinkets and jewelry for sale. The alligators are nice for a photo, but I don’t like endorsing the poaching, so I don’t buy them.

Playing with trinkets

who that be?

Please don’t buy these because more will have to die to replace them!















LANDMARKS- The Cathedrals are scattered across town, the fountains are nice, and walking around to see the architecture and colorful buildings is a tour in itself.

the buildings were so colorful

Cathedral across from Kathy’s restaurant

good timing!












SPORTS: Go to Margarita Bar and Grill that’s labeled “margaritaville’ on the map. It’s down the Calzada with all of the restaurants

Photos of Margarita Bar & Grill, Granada
This photo of Margarita Bar & Grill is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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