"This is my life. It is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing" ~ Maya Angelou


Tegucigalpa. Hmm, what can I say about this town? I bussed here from Nicaragua, and it’s the only town you can stay in if your goal is to go from Granada, Nicaragua to The Roatan Peninsula. And you will get there at night if you take the morning bus from Nica.

bus in Honduras

So I arrived around 9pm to Tegucigalpa. It looks like San Jose, CR with all of the American fast food chains. I got a cab from the bus stop to Central Park. Once I got there, my travel companion at the time and I were walking to a hotel we found for $20/night. The first thing we noticed, however, were the men in uniform with machine guns. There were maybe 2 or 3 at each corner throughout the square. 2 officers insisted on walking us 2 blocks to the hotel. As we walked to the hotel, we saw a big pile of garbage in the middle of an intersection. Stores all dump there old food and trash in this one spot and there are people standing in the trash gathering food and whatever else they want. So warning..maybe not a good idea to buy pastries from the ladies in the square.

Sketchy night. Couldn’t take phone out to take many photos.

The hotel was decent. That’s me being generous. I slept. There was a mattress and a sheet and water. It was decent. The next morning we wanted to check our emails so we walked to the McDonald’s. The wifi there did not work as advertised. So we went to an internet place. We had 2 hours until our bus would take us to San Pedro Sula to connect to Tela, Honduras. One of my favorite cities so far.

Each store we passed had a guard with a machete, knife, or gun.

Me with the policia

The market place had nice food and seemed pretty safe

Eating a banana in Honduras *bucket list*

Local on way to the market place

The church in central park was nice


There is a hill that is designed to look like the Hollywood sign, but instead of saying Hollywood or Tegucigalpa, it reads “Coca Cola”. So tacky.



But the final indication that Tegucigalpa was a pit stop and nada mas was the newspaper cover story headline “8 muertes…” I forget the rest of the words, but it said 8 people were killed that week.

Notice the knife on the newsman’s belt

We were so happy to get out of there. I mean to fear for my life is an eerie feeling and I hope to never be in that city again.

Not happy to be there. Oh, Coca Cola..you took over that town


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